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Garner Trucking Review

Garner TruckingReview
Garner TruckingReview
Garner Trucking Review
The Quick Version
Garner Trucking stands out in the competitive trucking industry with its unique blend of a family-oriented atmosphere and professional opportunities. Despite mixed reviews concerning pay and scheduling, the company is celebrated for its supportive culture, high-quality training, and the genuine care it extends to its employees. Garner Trucking truly prioritizes employee well-being, making it a noteworthy entity in the trucking sector.
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Embarking on a Journey with Garner Trucking: An Honest Review

The World of Garner Trucking: A Family Oriented Company

First impressions matter, especially when joining a new workplace. Garner Trucking, celebrated for its robust family atmosphere, recently stood out as the “#1 Best Small Fleet to Drive For in 2022.” Offering a blend of competitive wages, excellent benefits, and a sincere, people-first approach, it’s clear Garner Trucking is more than just a business; it’s a family.

Experience Matters

However, life is a balance, and it’s essential to paint a complete picture. Newcomers to the trucking industry might find the offered pay per mile to be on the lower end. Garner Trucking starts at .46 cents per mile, a figure some might find lacking, especially compared to other companies. Despite this, many drivers value the personal touch and support Garner Trucking provides, underscoring that sometimes, the best compensation isn’t always monetary.

A Mixed Bag of Experiences

Garner Trucking promises a working environment where every weekend is a time to unwind at home. Yet, this isn’t always the case. Some drivers shared stories of stretched weekends on the road, blurred work-life boundaries, and moments of frustration with dispatchers and training. Those moments, while challenging, reflect the real, often unpredictable nature of the trucking industry.

Dedicated Support and Growth

Amidst the challenges, Garner Trucking shines with its dedication to employee support and growth. From comprehensive training programs to constant communication and problem-solving, the company goes the distance for its employees. Several drivers have shared positively life-changing experiences, from nurturing fresh graduates to providing unparalleled support during personal trials.

Family First: A Garner Trucking Promise

The heart of Garner Trucking lies in its commitment to treating each employee not just as a number, but as a valued member of the family. This ethos is reflected in nearly every aspect of the company culture. From the willingness of dispatchers to lend a helping hand, to management’s open-door policies, Garner Trucking fosters an environment of mutual respect and care.

The real testament to Garner Trucking’s success is the longevity of its relationships with drivers. Some have called it home for almost a decade, through thick and thin, further emphasizing the company’s dedication to its workforce.

In conclusion, Garner Trucking is a vibrant company, offering a blend of professional challenges and heartfelt support. Though the financial aspects might not always align with expectations, the familial atmosphere, robust support system, and genuine care for employees’ well-being make it a worthy consideration for anyone looking to start or continue their journey in the trucking industry.

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