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John Barbara Obituary: A Legacy in Findlay & UAW

John Barbara Obituary: A Legacy in Findlay & UAW

Remembering John Barbara: A Pillar of the Findlay, Ohio and UAW Community

The passing of John F. Barbara on October 6, 2023, marks the end of an era for both the Findlay, Ohio, community and the United Auto Workers (UAW) organization. John, a revered John Barbara obituary figure, leaves behind a legacy enriched with dedication, service, and love. In this tribute, we delve into John’s life, his impact on Findlay, Ohio, and his significant contributions to the UAW, highlighting why his memory will forever be etched in the hearts of those who knew him.

A Dedicated Family Man and Community Member

John was born on November 20, 1947, in Warren, Ohio, and spent his formative years contributing extensively to his local community in Findlay, Ohio. His commitment to family was unmistakable, a loving husband to Saundra Matey, and a proud father and grandfather. John’s joyous family life was a beacon of love, reflected through his deep connections with his sons, grandchildren, and extended family members. His role as ‘Papa’ to Olivia, Sophia, Christopher “CJ”, Connor, and Lyla Barbara was one he cherished exceptionally.

A Prominent Figure in the UAW

John’s professional life was equally commendable, with a 35-year tenure at General Motors, where he left a significant mark. His leadership as the local UAW President showcased his unwavering dedication to workers’ rights and welfare. Furthermore, his role didn’t just stop at a local level; John also served as the administrative assistant to the International UAW President in Detroit, Michigan, emphasizing his influential presence within the organization. His contributions to the American Red Cross in Michigan and the UAW Veteran Organization underscore his commitment to service and community.

Legacy and Contributions

John’s impact on Findlay, Ohio, and the UAW community is indelible. As a board member of the American Red Cross and an Honorary Kentucky Colonel, he leveraged his positions to make significant contributions to society. His involvement in the UAW Veteran Organization and his passionate support for his sons’ and grandchildren’s sporting events speak volumes about his character: a man devoted to family, community, and justice.

Following a Memorial Mass at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in Findlay, Ohio, John was laid to rest, leaving behind not just a family but a community grieving the loss of a genuinely inspirational figure. He is survived by his wife, sons, and grandchildren, alongside a sister, nieces, nephews, and numerous cousins, a testament to the rich and loving life he led.

In lieu of flowers, John’s family has requested memorial contributions be made in memory of John to Bridge Home Health and Hospice in Findlay, Ohio, or a charity of the donor’s choice, a reflection of John’s lifelong commitment to helping others.

As we remember John Barbara, his legacy in Findlay, Ohio, through his work with the UAW and his profound influence on his family and community will always be remembered. John Barbara’s obituary is not just a recount of his life but a testimony to the enduring impact he has left on everyone he touched.

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