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Findlay Community Thanksgiving Meal: Tradition Endures

Findlay Community Thanksgiving Meal: Tradition Endures

Findlay Community Thanksgiving Meal: A Tradition of Giving

The Findlay community Thanksgiving meal is much more than just a holiday event; it’s a beacon of hope and unity that lights up the city every November. As we dive into the Heart of this beloved tradition, let’s explore how Stonebridge Church and Cedar Creek Church Findlay have joined forces to ensure that the spirit of Thanksgiving continues to thrive, even amidst challenges.

The Origins of a Heartwarming Tradition

For nearly two decades, Stonebridge Church has been a cornerstone of compassion in Findlay, Ohio. Every Thanksgiving Day since 2004, the church has opened its doors to serve hot holiday meals to anyone in need. This tradition has not only filled stomachs but also hearts, fostering a sense of community and togetherness that extends far beyond the holiday season.

A New Chapter with Cedar Creek Church Findlay

However, this year brought about a unique challenge. Following a merger with Cedar Creek Church Findlay, Stonebridge faced renovations that rendered the facilities unusable for the annual meal. Unwilling to let this obstacle dampen the holiday spirit, the newly united churches discovered a way to uphold the tradition — by collaborating with the City Mission of Findlay.

“We wanted to help continue that, but with the renovations going on at the current facility, we needed some help,” explained Nathan Campbell, director of outreach for Cedar Creek Church Findlay. Despite the change in venue, the commitment to serving the community remained unwavering.

Adapting and Overcoming

This year’s Findlay community Thanksgiving meal took place at the City Mission of Findlay, where volunteers from both churches worked tirelessly to prepare a feast for the local community. Though the number of meals served was slightly reduced from previous years, the quality and warmth of the food and atmosphere remained as high as ever.

The table below showcases the joint efforts made to ensure the success of this year’s event:

Task Location Contributors
Meal Preparation City Mission of Findlay’s Kitchen Volunteers from both churches
Turkey Smoking Off-site Specialized volunteers
Serving Meals City Mission of Findlay Community volunteers

More Than Just a Meal

The Findlay community Thanksgiving meal is about far more than providing food; it’s about creating moments of hope and connection. Both Stonebridge Church and Cedar Creek Church Findlay recognize the importance of these moments, especially during the holiday season.

“I want someone to be able to say, ‘This tastes like the meal my mom would cook.’ ‘I remember something different, I have hope that there can be something different,” shared Kathryn Bausman, City Mission Executive Director.

As we reflect on the importance of community and giving, the Findlay community Thanksgiving meal reminds us of the power of compassion and collaboration. It’s a lesson in how, even when faced with obstacles, the spirit of generosity can prevail, creating a ripple effect of kindness that lasts far beyond the holidays.

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