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ESL Tutoring Programs: Empowering Ohio Communities

ESL Tutoring Programs: Empowering Ohio Communities

Empowering Communities through ESL Tutoring Programs at the Findlay-Hancock Public Library

In the heart of Ohio, the Findlay-Hancock Public Library is making significant strides towards inclusivity and education with its esteemed ESL tutoring programs. This initiative, receiving a generous grant from the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation, underscores the importance of providing English education for immigrants and intertwining community values with education.

The Impetus Behind ESL Tutoring Programs

The Read for Life program, a cornerstone of the library’s outreach, embodies the commitment to ensure that immigrants and refugees feel welcomed and supported. As Brian Treece, president of the foundation, highlights, the mission of facilitating English education for immigrants is not just about language acquisition but fostering a community where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

With an average of 30 individuals engaging in one-to-one tutoring and the introduction of group classes to meet high demand, the program showcases the community’s dedication. Sarah Clevidence, the library director, emphasizes the transformative impact of these ESL tutoring programs, making the library a hub of learning and integration.

Integrating Learning into the Heart of the Community

The grant has facilitated the purchase of new language kits and the remodeling of a vibrant space conducive to learning. By relocating the Read for Life program to the library’s main area, it sends a welcoming message to learners, seamlessly integrating them into the fabric of the community.

Given the overwhelming support, the need for volunteer tutors remains a constant. The library beckons community members to partake in this enriching experience, essentially shaping the future of learners and, by extension, the community at large.

Impact Beyond Language

The success stories emanating from the ESL tutoring programs are not merely about overcoming language barriers but achieving personal and professional milestones. Whether it’s gaining confidence to excel in the workforce or navigating daily life in a new country, the program has been a beacon of hope for many.

Join the Movement

For those inspired to make a difference, the Findlay-Hancock Public Library welcomes new volunteers. With comprehensive training provided, volunteers embark on a rewarding journey, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of our community through the power of education.


The ESL tutoring programs at the Findlay-Hancock Public Library, supported by the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation, demonstrate the profound impact of collective effort. In bridging cultural and linguistic gaps, we not only enrich lives but fortify the foundations of our community. To volunteer or learn more about how you can contribute, head to the library’s official website.

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