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Community Development: Shaping the Future of Findlay

Community Development: Shaping the Future of Findlay

Empowering Findlay through Community Development

Community development is fundamental in nurturing a vibrant, inclusive, and dynamic environment where young professionals can flourish. In Findlay, Ohio, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at making the city more attractive and inclusive for young talent is underway, spearheaded by a group of youthful professionals and the Findlay-Hancock County Economic Development. This initiative not only highlights the importance of young talent retention but also showcases the significant role of the economic development advisory board in community advancement.

Understanding the Drive Behind the Initiative

In June 2022, the economic development advisory board identified a pressing challenge: the difficulty of retaining and attract young talent. Specifically, the spotlight was on professionals aged 28 or younger, college-educated, not originally from Findlay, thus highlighting the necessity for innovative strategies in young talent retention. These insights led to the formation of the A.F.T.E.R. Hours Task Force, which stands for Attracting Future, Talent, Entertainment, and Resources. The task force’s creation underlines a pivotal shift towards involving young professionals in the conversation about their needs and desires for the community.

Fostering a Conducive Environment for Young Professionals

To comprehensively address the needs of young professionals, Sarah Perrigo from Findlay-Hancock County Economic Development reached out to local businesses across diverse sectors. Their collaborative efforts underscore the importance of infrastructure and transportation that cater to a non-automotive focus—emphasizing walking paths, biking lanes, and accessibility to essential services without relying on a car.

Furthermore, the push for affordable Housing and a vibrant downtown with ample green spaces signifies a holistic approach to making Findlay an ideal haven for young professionals. Project manager Jaclynn Hohman revealed plans for revitalizing an area near Blanchard River along Main Street into a versatile park, signaling the community’s dedication to enhancing quality of life through valuable public spaces.

The Path Ahead: Community Development as a Catalyst for Growth

The collaborative efforts of the young professionals and various stakeholders in Findlay exemplify an earnest endeavor towards building a more inclusive community. By focusing on young talent retention and leveraging the economic development advisory board’s insights, Findlay is poised to transform into a beacon of opportunity and inclusivity. The task force’s findings serve as a crucial step in stimulating further conversations and actions, ensuring that the wheels of progress continue to turn.

In summary, the community development initiatives in Findlay underscore the power of collective effort in creating a thriving environment for young professionals. By addressing their specific needs and fostering a community spirit, Findlay is on the right path to becoming a more attractive destination for innovative and talented individuals.

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Sophia Johnson

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